3 Factors That Could Send Silver Prices Higher in 2015/16 – Profit Confidential

7/14/15 – Silver may be looking at a fourth consecutive year of declines, but the silver price forecast for the rest of 2015 and 2016 looks bullish. At least according to a number of major key indicators.
Silver Will Shine When the Stock Market Corrects

Are silver’s high-flying days gone? Trading near $15.50 an ounce, silver prices have been essentially flat since the beginning of 2015. While silver is not performing as well as it did during the halcyon days of 2009-2011 (when it soared approximately 440% to $49.00 per ounce), silver continues to be one of the best long-term plays out there. And, it could add significant value to your portfolio.

For starters, precious metals like silver and gold are … read more

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