No wonder the Telegraph won’t touch gold price suppression – GoldSeek

2/23/2015 – For starters, its owners are heavily indebted to a bullion bank.
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

If you’re wondering why mainstream financial news organizations refuse to report the biggest financial news story in history — the rigging of all major markets by Western central banks — another reason has emerged in the last few days with the resignation of the chief political writer of the London Telegraph, Peter Oborne.

The Telegraph is a great newspaper with a wide scope, the standard bearer of the British Conservative Party, whose reporting is often cited favorably by GATA and frequently has been brave, as when a couple of years ago it exposed the scandal of expense padding by members of Parliament, including Conservative members.

But the Telegraph won’t touch surreptitious intervention by Western central banks in the gold market any more than any other respectable Western financial news organization will, and departing the Telegraph, Oborne complained that the newspaper had gone soft in its reporting about a big investment bank that is a major advertiser … read more

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