Silver Being Used To Kill Bacteria On Corning’s Gorilla Glass –

8/26/15 – Many people using touch screen devices such as smartphones or tablets have wondered about the presence of microbes on these screens at one point or another. Corning, maker of “Gorilla Glass”, a widely used brand of glass on such devices, just announced a new version of anti-microbial Gorilla Glass to address the issue.

This week’s Tech Metals Insider guest is Dr. Joydeep Lahiri, division vice president and program director at Corning’s Specialty Surfaces Group, to tell us more about the development.
Image courtesy of Corning

“The idea was to create a product that has durable anti-microbial properties while preserving key properties of Gorilla Glass such as scratch resistance, damage resistance and optical clarity,” he explained. “By infusing a tiny amount of ionic silver on the surface we get a reservoir that is sufficient to last for the lifetime of the device.”

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